CasinoCarib Casino Review

Account Registration

We had some difficulties registering for an account. The online form kept telling us that the username we are trying to use is already being used. We added numbers and letters before and after the username to make sure that it is unique but the online form kept on displaying an error message (for username duplication). It was only when we changed the country (to Singapore) that we were finally able to sign up for an account. Of course, we don’t recommend changing details just to try having your account registration approved. If you continuously receive an error for supposedly having a duplicate username when it’s virtually impossible for the username you concoct to have a duplicate, it would be better to contact Casino Carib for a clarification. Also, don’t try to enter a false country information, just like what we did, just to have the account registration approved. You will be violating this online casino’s Terms and Conditions for doing so.

After completing our account registration and checking out the email from Casino Carib for our password, we proceeded to signing in. However, we couldn’t sign in. There were no errors shown. We simply couldn’t sign in. We tried using our email address in lieu of the username we nominated but we still couldn’t sign in to our approved account. We already sent an inquiry to Casino Carib but we have not received a reply yet.

Anyway, for whatever it’s worth, we would like to mention that the online account registration form of Casino Carib is notably short. Signing up for an account only requires a username, email address, and country information. It shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds. You will likely have to go to your spam inbox, though, because Casino Carib’s email (the email containing your password) will likely be considered as spam by your email account.

Account Dashboard / User Interface

We couldn’t write any comment about the account dashboard and user interface for this CasinoCarib review because we were unable to access the account we created. The approved username and password for our account just don’t work. We even had to try several proxy servers in an attempt to bypass possible IP filtering to be able to do this review properly. Perhaps the system was down at the time we were doing this review so we will be updating this part of our review as soon as we get a response from Casino Carib regarding this issue.

The CasinoCarib Games

The games offered by CasinoCarib are all slots. The site mentions that other types of games are set to be introduced but at the time we were doing this Casino Carib review, we only found slots. The homepage banners also features a number of games but they are still “coming soon.” There are a total of 22 games to play on Casino Carib.

These are Footballmania, Magic Theatre, Frankenslots, Lottery Fever, Jungle Fever, Labyrinth of Egypt, Gladiator Whale World, Urban Life, Santa’s Workshop, Rev It Up, and Sherlock Slots. Frankenslots, Gladiator, Whale World, and Urban Life are standalone progressive jackpot games. Labyrinth of Egypt and Jungle Fever are linked progressive jackpot games which can be played in 8 and 4 machines (linked games) respectively.

The games load in pop-up windows. They are quick to load and highly responsive. There’s nothing special about the graphics but this shouldn’t become a drawback in enjoying the games. Moreover, all of the games have their respective Play for Free options so you can try them out without having to spend bitcoins yet. Payout and betting details are presented in the games.

Casino Carib Game Software and Fairness

Casino Carib uses its proprietary online gaming software. Unlike many leading online casinos, it does not rely on the software provided by third parties like Microgaming, Endorphina, and SoftSwiss. This kind of setup has its advantages and disadvantages. It can be advantageous since Casino Carib has more freedom on dong changes or tweaks to the games whenever it is deemed necessary. Also, as mentioned on the Casino Carib website, being able to use its own games allows this online casino to ditch game licensing payments so they can use the money to increase their prizes. We are not really that convinced of this advantage, though.

When it comes to the disadvantages, using a proprietary software makes Casino Carib’s games less trustworthy especially since there is nothing on Casino Carib’s website that asserts the trustworthiness of the games being offered. There is nothing about the games having undergone third party independent audits or tests for fairness. There is nothing mentioned about certifications especially for the reliability of the Random Number Generation system in place.

Casino Carib Is Mobile-Friendly

Casino Carib has a mobile-friendly website. This makes up for its lack of a dedicated iOS or Android app for playing the games. The site looks good on mobile devices. We just don’t understand why Casino Carib is trying to introduce “Mobile-Friendly Games” (which are supposedly “coming soon”). Nowadays, having a mobile-friendly website usually means that the games being offered by an online casino can be good enough to be played on mobile devices. Well, maybe these “mobile-friendly games” are intended for low-end devices that can’t handle heavier graphics.

Currencies Accepted, Deposit and Withdrawal Methods, and Fees on Casino Carib

Casino Carib, as stated on its Terms and Conditions page, only accepts bitcoins at the moment. There is a plan to eventually accept euros but, at the moment, the only currency in use is bitcoin. There are links to bitcoin information or guides at the bottom part of the homepage to help those who are new to bitcoins in getting acquainted with the use of this cryptocurrency.

We couldn’t do a thorough evaluation of the deposit and withdrawal options since we couldn’t log in to our approved account. The Deposit and Withdrawal part of Casino Carib’s Terms and Conditions mentions details are not helpful. They are mostly presumptive, like when it says that the “currency cannot subsequently be changed.” Casino Carib supposedly only uses bitcoins at the moment, so what’s there to change in the currency?

Casino Carib Promotions

Casino Carib’s website lists two bonuses. They are as follows:

  • 100% Sign-Up Bonus
  • 100% First Deposit Bonus

However, these are actually one single bonus. The 100% sign up bonus is the same as the first deposit bonus…100% of what? The maximum bonus amount is 1 BTC.

We did not find information on the wagering or rollover requirement for this bonus on the Casino Carib website so we sent an email inquiry. We will update this as soon as we get a reply from Casino Carib.

CasinoCarib Player Support

Player support is provided through email and live chat. The CasinoCarib support email address is Live chat can be accessed through the Contact button on the lower right corner of the homepage. Support is not available 24/7 and there is nothing on the site that mentions the schedule of availability. Live chat support was unavailable when we did this Carino Carib, around 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM GMT.

CasinoCarib Country Restrictions

Unfortunately, CasinoCarib does not serve players in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and territories where there are laws that prohibit online wagering.  It is deemed the responsibility of players to ascertain that it is legal in their respective countries to be involved in online gambling on sites like CasinoCarib. Also, players are required to be at least 18 years old to be able to play. The availability of the CasinoCarib website should be not construed as an invitation to sign up for an account or as a waiver of the country restriction imposed.

Casino Carib License and Regulation

Casino Carib is operated by Bridgetown West SA – Panama, as mentioned on its website. However, there is no information regarding its license. As mentioned, Casino Carib does not use software or games from popular online casino software providers so it does not obtain licenses for its games. It operates everything on its own. However, based on its Terms of Conditions, Casino Carib tries to be compliant with applicable laws in most countries such as anti-money laundering laws and legal prohibitions against online gambling in certain countries. We have no reason to discredit this online casino in this Casino Carib review simply because it does not cleraly provide details about its licensing and regulation.

Get to Know CasinoCarib

Avoid committing violations of the policies and rules of Casino Carib by going over its Terms and Conditions. You may end up losing your account and your winnings over unwitting violations like playing from a restricted country. Also, learn about Casino Carib’s privacy policy and find out what this online casino can do to help you in case you are already engaged in problem gambling through the Responsible Gambling page. For updates about CasinoCarib, you can visit its Facebook page. You may also send your questions or other concerns here in case you don’t get a response from the email and live chat support.

Pros and Cons


  • CasinoCarib does not charge for deposits and withdrawals
  • Quick-loading games
  • Play-for-Free option for all games


  • Does not accept players from the US, UK, and Canada
  • Limited bonuses
  • Limited online time for live chat support
  • No provably fair games
  • Site needs more polishing