Fastpay Casino Review

Fastpay casino bonuses

Among the advantages of the Fastpay casino, we can note its bonuses which are very advantageous. Indeed, Fastpay offers a number of bonuses, including a loyalty bonus thanks to its 12-level VIP program. Indeed, this loyalty program offered by Fastpay has been a hit on the net, since it was judged to be very advantageous by the players.

Fastpay rewards its loyal customers with a tiered system that classifies players based on their level of loyalty. As a result, the more loyal you are to the Fastpay online casino and the more deposits you make on and bets, the more likely you are to reach the highest level of the program, which will allow you to benefit from the best bonuses offered by the casino.

Like what, playing on this fabulous casino makes money. Indeed, it is thanks to your deposits and bets that you will be able to collect points, which will allow you to benefit from the bonuses of the VIP program. To join this program, you need to talk to customer service so they can activate it for you. It would be best to do so right after you register, so you don’t miss any points.

But that’s not all, Fastpay also offers many other interesting bonuses to its players, which are:

The welcome bonus: After your first deposit, the Fastpay online casino offers you a 100% deposit bonus, which will allow you to double your starting deposit and be able to play on more games.
Weekly bonuses: Every week, fastpay online casino offers customers up to 50% bonus on their deposits, but only for specific days. The latter also allows players to participate in weekly tournaments, which will allow the winners to win bonuses.
Loyalty bonuses: Fatspay is mainly known for its loyalty bonuses, which are very generous. In fact, the latter provides its customers with a 12-level VIP program, which will allow them to earn money as well as free rides.

Fastpay casino bonus

Fastpay casino bonus

Fastpay casino games

The Fastpay online casino offers a lot of games, which you can easily get lost in its play library. Indeed, the Fastpay’s gaming library is very rich and varied. It has games that have been designed by great developers like Microgaming, Play N’go or Evolution.

Fastpay casino game providers

Fastpay casino game providers

The advantage with this casino is that it offers many types of casino games, which is a rather rare asset. Indeed, some casinos prefer to specialize in a particular type of games, such as slot machines, forgetting other games. But this is not the case at all, because the latter offers both slots games, card games but also live games. So you’ll be able to play a wide variety of games without ever getting bored.

Also note that the games offered by the Fastpay online casino have excellent graphic quality, which will allow you to enjoy a stunning gaming experience. In addition, Fastpay online casino games can be accessed from any web browser, but also from the casino’s mobile app, without downloading.

Fastpay also offers a series of live games, such as live roulette, live poker or live blackjack, which will allow you to play via a video call, with a real dealer. This casino will propel you into a unique and authentic atmosphere, worthy of a real casino. You’ll feel like you’re actually playing in a casino, as you’ll be able to communicate live with the dealer and your opponents.

We therefore strongly advise you to choose the Fastpay online casino, especially if you are the type to enjoy live and high quality games, because the latter will inevitably satisfy you with its games, which are simply incredible.

Fastpay casino games

Fastpay casino games

Withdrawals at the Fastpay casino

First of all, you should know that the Fastpay online casino allows its customers to use several payment methods, starting with the traditional methods of credit card, cheque payment or bank transfer. The latter also allows the use of electric wallets, as it also allows payment by cryptocurrencies. You will therefore be able to use Bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin.

But in addition to allowing players to use a wide range of payment methods, Fastpay is also known for offering the ability to make an instant withdrawal, which means there is no waiting time. Your money will be immediately deposited into your account immediately after your withdrawal request, in less than 5 minutes which is simply amazing.

Instant withdrawal is a rare option found only at the Fastpay online casino and has allowed it to distinguish itself from other casinos. Indeed, most online casinos offer payment times between 12 and 24 for the shortest delays, while at other casinos, customers can wait several days or even weeks before they can pocket their winnings.

Fastpay is therefore a real reference in terms of payment delays, since this online casino has never had any complaints on this side. On the contrary, the instant payment it offers is its main asset. It is thanks to him that he was able to make a name for himself fairly quickly and attract many customers, since what matters most to players is to receive their money as soon as possible.

As you will have understood, withdrawals from the Fastpay online casino are made instantaneously, which is perfect for players who wish to receive their winnings directly after their deposit application. So you don’t have to apply for a deposit beforehand, as your winnings will be sent to you in record time, with no waiting time.

The regulation of the Fastpay online casino

The fastpay online casino has already proven its reliability, as it is known to pay its players on time and no cases of theft or fraud have been reported before. The latter has a license from Curacao, which allows him to practice on Canadian territory, as well as in 8 other countries.

We can therefore say that this online casino is reliable and trustworthy. So you can play it with your eyes closed, since so far it has been serious and secure.

Fastpay has always been reliable and serious, as its platform is secure and it is not known for ripping off its players. Fastpay pays them instantly, immediately after their payment request, which is a testament to its reliability.

What can be blamed on Fastpay, however, is that it does not have a licence to practise in France as well as in a few other European countries. But for Canadians, this casino is by far the most reliable and secure. It is ideal for French-speaking players in Quebec, who can enjoy an excellent gaming experience safely.

Moreover, it must be said that the Fastpay online casino is very reliable and does not risk stealing its players, since it has always been serious and offers optimal security to players, in order to protect them and allow them to play in peace, without fearing for their winnings.

Fastpay casino support

The Fastpay online casino is particularly appreciated for its customer service, which is very welcoming and warm. Indeed, the latter consists of very competent and friendly agents, who do their best to give the players the help they need. Fastpay players have never complained about customer service, quite the contrary, they have always been satisfied with its quality.

Added to this, Fastpay’s customer support is available in French for French-speaking players, which is perfect for Quebecois. In addition, it can easily be contacted, since it can be reached via phone, instant messaging and also by email. The advantage with Fastpay’s customer support is that it is available at any time, 24 hours a day and on all days of the week, including weekends.

This online casino is therefore very close to its customers and allows them to play in a pleasant environment, since it provides them with good customer support, on which they can count on in case of any worries.

Many players have given very positive opinions about customer service, which is considered to be very serious, always available and courteous. Indeed, Fastpay’s customer support agents have always been professional and are very welcoming and caring with customers, which immediately puts them at ease.

The main criterion of a good online casino is its customer service, because it is very important that players can have direct contact with the casino, since everything happens online. They need to feel confident in order to make deposits and play.

Therefore, if you are looking for a casino with good customer support, we strongly recommend that you opt for the Fastpay online casino, as it offers by far the best customer service of any Canadian online casino.

What are the advantages of playing at the Fastpay online casino?

In addition to enjoying a good gaming experience, Fastpay Online Casino offers a multitude of benefits to its players, which has allowed it to distinguish itself from other online casinos and to reach the top of the podium. Indeed, Fastpay is by far the best Canadian online casino of the moment.

The latter offers a remarkable competitive advantage, which is instant payment. This option was unknown to players until the appearance of the Fastpay online casino in 2018, which revolutionized the lives of thousands of players around the world.

Added to this, Fastpay has a play library full of casino games of all kinds, such as slot machines, table games or live games and video poker games.

It also has very good customer support, which can be easily contacted at any time and who knows how to behave with customers, making sure to help them and respond to their requests in record time.

Fastpay also offers enticing bonuses, starting with its 12-level loyalty program that offers free game games, free spins and money allowing players to bet on the games of their choice.

Playing on the Fastpay online casino is therefore very advantageous, thanks to the quality of the services offered by this online casino, which has been able to make a good customer base since its inception only 2 years ago.

How do I make a withdrawal at the Fastpay online casino?

Fastpay allows multiple payment solutions, which means you’re at high risk of finding the one that’s right for you. It allows both to use the traditional methods that are payment by cheque, transfer or Mastercard. Added to this, it offers its clients the opportunity to use an electronic wallet, which will allow them to receive their money in record time.

You can apply to receive your winnings via a currency other than the CAD, such as the euro for example, as it is also possible to withdraw your money in cryptocurrency.

Indeed, Fastpay allows the use of several cryptocurrencies for payments and withdrawals, such as Litecoin or Bitcoin. In addition, withdrawals are instantaneous, which means you can receive your money immediately, in just 5 minutes, which is a real advantage.

How do I contact Fastpay’s customer service?

Fastpay provides customers with a very easy-to-reach support, which can be contacted by phone or email and chat. The advantage with this customer service is that it is available all the time, at any time and even during the weekend.

So you can benefit from 24/7 support, so you don’t have to face problems you won’t be able to solve. With the Fastpay, you can be sure that you can benefit from full assistance, which will be provided to you by a young and dynamic team, who will help you and clear you up all the points you fail to understand.

How do I join Fastpay’s loyalty program?

Like many online casinos, Fastpay Casino offers a loyalty bonus to its most visiting customers on the site. The latter is actually a points-by-level program, which allows players to earn money or even free games, thanks to the money they played on Fastpay games.

However, to integrate Fastpay’s loyalty program and be able to enjoy all its benefits, you must ask customer support to activate it from the first time you sign up. After that, all the money you’re going to bet on casino games will somehow be returned to you in the form of bonuses. The more you play, the more chances you have to earn more advantageous bonuses.