Satoshi Karoshi Casino Review

Registration Is Optional

At Satoshi Karoshi, signing up for an account is optional. Well, the site says there are two options for an account: a regular account and an anonymous account. A regular account is just like what other online casinos provide. It involves the nomination of a username and password with the option to add an email address. The anonymous account, on the other hand, requires that the player save a specific unique URL as this URL becomes the one and only method through which a player gets to access the account again. If a player loses this unique URL, accessing the account becomes very difficult. Satoshi Karoshi provides a page dedicated to getting an anonymous account but actually the content on this page only provides the instruction on bookmarking the player’s unique URL. Hence, we can say in this Satoshi Karoshi review that registration is optional.

We prefer the typical way of getting an account. It’s more secure and easier to maintain. Besides, if you just want to get the anonymity that is supposedly offered by the anonymous account, we can say that you can still enjoy anonymous gambling even by signing up for a regular account. There are no social media account confirmations and personal details required so you can stay anonymous as much as you’d like to. An email address is not even required. Signing up for a regular account only took us around 5 seconds. We were automatically logged in after we clicked on the Submit Query button.

Account Dashboard

The nice animations on the homepage are a stark contrast to how the account dashboard looks like. The interfaces for the Settings and Transactions look unfinished. The pages appear bare. Nevertheless, they are functionally acceptable. We noticed a problem, however, when it comes to making deposits in altcoins. When we clicked on the altcoin options for making deposits, the Deposit dialog box becomes empty. It turns into nothing but a white space.

The account dashboard enables the changing of passwords and the viewing a transaction history. It also allows you to add an email address. Just be sure you are not going to add your email address password for the field below “Email (Optional).” This field is for your Satoshi Karoshi account password, not your email’s.

It’s a very simplistic way of presenting things. They are basically just texts and tables. There’s nothing to complain about, though.

The Games

Satoshi Karoshi has a very limited number of games These are Minesweeper, Roulette, Inbetween, and scratch games called High Five and Coinichiwa.

Minesweeper on Satoshi Karoshi allows you to select the grid size you prefer. The available sizes are 2×3, 3×6, 4×9, 5×12, 6×15, and 9×24. This Minesweeper game is not similar to the way the popular Windows Minesweeper game looks like and playing it is also not similar. Here, you get to play row by row. There are no numbers on the cell that would indicate the number of mines around a cell. Also, you will have to place a bet every time you try to proceed from one row to another. The minimum bet is 0.001 BTC while the maximum is 1 BTC. It’s possible to win up to 9x of your bet. If you just want to try the game first, you can opt for a free play. The site claims that its Minesweeper game is provably fair.

The Roulette game on Satoshi Karoshi does not seem to be working. However, there is a long list of winners shown below it so we would like to assume that there were instances when it was playable.

The Inbetween game, just like Roulette, does not seem to work. The links and buttons are not responsive or they are mere placeholders.

With the scratch games, only one is available at the time we did this Satoshi Karoshi review. Coinichiwa, which supposedly offers winnings up to 30 BTC, was unavailable when we checked it. High Five on the other hand offers winnings of up to 5 BTC. Each High Five ticket costs 0.02 BTC.

Proprietary Gaming Platform with a Game Chat Board that Does Not Work

We could have mentioned this in the game section of this Satoshi Karoshi review but we think this needs to be emphasized. Most of the games come with a chat board to the right. However, this chat board does not work. We were glad to find it because support was only available through email but it turned out be a disappointment.

The site does not mention anything about the gaming platform. Based on our evaluation, it is most likely proprietary. We have not seen this kind of gaming platform or games anywhere else.


Satoshi Karoshi does not have a mobile-friendly website. It also does not have mobile apps for either Android or iOS. We thought of trying the games and the site navigation by loading the full desktop view on a mobile browser. We have to say in this Satoshi Karoshi review that it really is difficult navigating the site on mobile devices, especially when it comes to dealing with the game interface. Nobody likes playing minesweeper with very high probabilities of clicking the wrong cell.

Currency Used, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Satoshi Karoshi is a bitcoin gambling site that supposedly also accepts altcoins. It is supposed to accept litecoins (LTC), peercoins (PPC), darkcoin (DRK), and dogecoin (DOGE). However, as mentioned, we couldn’t proceed to doing deposits with these altcoins. The interface for making deposits just turns into a white space when we try doing so.

There is no minimum amount for making deposits mentioned on the site but there is a maximum pegged at 1 BTC. Deposits are usually processed after one confirmation.

For the withdrawals, there is a transaction fee of 0.0001 BTC. The Withdrawal interface says that you need at least 0.00010001 BTC for a payout but of course that does not make much sense. Would you really be willing to pay more for the transaction fee than the amount you get to cash out?


There are no bonuses, rewards, or a VIP program on Satoshi Karoshi. However, it has an affiliate program. Just click on the Affiliate link on top of the page. You may be required to log in to your account again before you can see the actual Affiliate page. This affiliate program offers opportunities for earning bitcoins by referring people to the site. Satoshi Karoshi offers 25% revenue share.

Satoshi Karoshi Account Security

We couldn’t find information about the security protocols employed by Satoshi Karoshi. The lightning fast registration process may not sound reassuring but there are many other online casinos that employ similar setups. If there’s one thing we observed in this site that we found a little reassuring, though, it is the fact that we were logged out of our account after a few minutes of being idle. It’s just like how online banking works. Still, we wish Satoshi Karoshi had more information about its security system as well as its privacy policy.

Satoshi Karoshi Customer Support

Support on Satoshi Karoshi is only through email. There’s an online form on the Support page of the site through which emails can be sent. You have to make sure that you enter your email address accurately because you will be getting your reply on your email inbox. Satoshi Karoshi does not have a messaging system or inbox. It also does not provide notifications once replies are sent.

Satoshi Karoshi Licensing, Regulation, and Player Restrictions

Unfortunately, we could not find information related to Satoshi Karoshi’s license and whether or not its online gambling operations are regulated. There are online sources that say that US players are accepted on the site. We are not keen on contesting this claim in this Satoshi Karoshi review since we could not find specific details on country restrictions and this site only uses bitcoins. There are no identity confirmations required so the presumption is that players from all parts of the world can play on the site as long as they are able to access it.

For Emphasis: Satoshi Karoshi Has Very Limited Information for Players

We usually reserve this section for mentioning links to important pages on the online casinos we review. However, for this Satoshi Karoshi review, we just couldn’t find anything worth mentioning. As mentioned, this gambling site has very limited pages. We will just have to use this portion to highlight the lack of information available about Satoshi Karoshi. We cannot confidently claim that this deficiency entails dubiousness but it would have been reassuring if Satoshi Karoshi could be more generous in providing information about it, especially those pertaining to the trustworthiness of the site. This site does not even have a Terms and Conditions page.

Pros and Cons


  • Interesting novel casino games
  • Completely anonymous online gambling
  • Provably fair minesweeper game


  • Very limited information about the site, making it appear less credible or close to being run-of-the-mill
  • Difficult to navigate website. It would have been better if all the available games have their respective fixed links on the homepage or there’s a page where their links are comprehensively shown.
  • Very limited number of games
  • Seemingly incomplete site
  • No live chat or telephone support